Technical council

Technical council

Technical Council of ROSPROJECT CJSC (further referred to as TC) performs its activities in accordance to the current version of Technical development policy provisions of ROSPROJECT CJSC (the company), administrative and regulatory documents of the company, Constitution of Russian Federation, federal constitutional laws, federal laws, decrees and executive orders of the president of Russian Federation, government regulations and executive orders and the present Regulations.

The Technical council is comprised of 25 persons, including 7 doctors of engineering science and 5 candidates of engineering science.

The TC's operation is based upon the principles of collegiality, free discussion of issues under consideration, reasonable openness, responsibility for decisions made.

The TC was established and acts as a deliberative body to discuss major issues of project designing and scientific and technological activities of the company.

The main objective of the TC is to define high-priority and potentially productive areas of engineering, scientific and technological activities of the company that would facilitate enhancing efficiency of technological, innovative activities and scientific and technical advancement.

The TC was established and acts today for the purpose of improving efficiency of scientific research and project engineering activities of the company.

The TC holds discussions on the major lines of scientific, technological and project engineering activities, primary scientific and production problems, matters concerning coordinating and cooperation with other scientific research and technological organizations, issues concerning training, retraining and professional development of the company's personnel. Moreover, the Council deliberates over the quality level of scientific research and technological and project engineering documentation being elaborated and makes sure it is in full accordance with state-of-the-art level of technological development. The TC also considers long-range projections and development prospects of the company's focus areas, including analysis with the purpose to evaluate customer satisfaction level.

Furthermore, during the Council meetings consideration is given to suggestions concerning development of new and implementation of actual federal, interagency and industry-specific science and technological programs, list of scientific research results recommended for industrial implementation, R&D draft plans, and then recommendations are provided, whether the considered subjects should be approved or revised. Total and interim reports on R&D works, suggestions concerning examination and implementation of cutting edge and internationally accepted practices, reports from department managers, project coordinators and particular employees on results of scientific research and technological activities.

The Technical Council carries out expert analysis of elaborated strategic decisions concerning development of the company's technological activities and engineering process management and brings out its expert opinion on results and quality of scientific and designing works performed by the company's departments.

Top-priority objectives for the TC are: consideration of power distribution schemes for electric power plants that are adopted in the course of development of UNPG prospective development schemes; discussion of complex critical technical solutions in the course of designing and construction of UNPG facilities, as well as of suggestions concerning implementation of new equipment and innovative technical solutions performance-tested in UNPG facilities; consideration of power distribution schemes for electric power plants in the course of UNPG development schemes elaboration; examination and approval of standard engineering solutions in the course of designing and construction of UNPG facilities; solution of issues relating to development of techniques for power supply network facilities engineering; consideration of technological issues relevant to implementation of emerging technologies and innovative technological solutions in the process of UNPG facilities engineering; preliminary examination of matters submitted by structural divisions of the company's Production Unit for consideration by the Chief Executive Officer.