IT development policy

Implementation of cutting edge information technologies

  • In the course of projects ROSPROJECT makes use of integrated engineering solutions. 
  • The company adopts cutting edge progressive technologies: electronic project management system was successfully implemented, modern software products are actively applied including 3D project engineering and CAD systems.

Model designing

The company employs the model designing technology. The 3D-designing technology implies:

  • Concurrent construction of a 3D-model by experts of all specializations; 
  •  Software-based production of 2D-blueprints; 
  •  Production of technical specifications.

В итоге – существенное ускорение процесса проектирования и улучшение качества продукции.

End-to-end designing

  • In 2010 the company fell on development and implementation of the End-to-end designing system and Electronic technical archive. 
  • The system's functionality facilitates automation of the entire designing workflow.полную достоверность данных;

The system ensures:

  • Absolute data authenticity;
  • Recording and monitoring of the works performed; 
  • Security of information; 
  • Analysis and collection of miscellaneous statistics;
  • Integrations of all CAD systems used in the company 
  • The ROSPROJECT Company has implemented the Product Lifecycle Management technology (PLM), which is managerial and technical system that allows managing entire data on a product and all related processes throughout the duration of its lifecycle from designing and production to decommissioning.

The technology allows to:: 

  • Ensure in-depth recording of information regarding all processes; 
  • Make the designing process more flexible and accurate;
  • Improve quality of intercommunication between operators in the course of collaborative works;
  • Improve products quality.


  • Complex staff training system has been implemented
  • Employee benefit program is being carried out
  • Project management technologies have been implemented
  • The company advances to a whole new level of designing by virtue of CAD systems
  • Project is being carried into effect to implement complex Computer-aided Design technologies on the basis of "AutoDesk", "Bentley-AutoPlant", "TDMS", "E3".